Pet Selfie Stick

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Take your selfie game to the next level with our dog selfie stick! Impress your friends and get them wondering how you always pull off the perfect dog photos with your pal. This device seamlessly attaches to your smartphone  in seconds with its slick clip.

Level Up Your Selfie Game!

Wherever you go you will  be ready to take that perfect shot to share with your friends, family, and Instagram! Taking cute dog pictures has never been easier!

How The Dog Selfie Stick Works:

  • The device attaches to your smartphone and has a clip that attaches to your dog’s favorite toy or treat.
  • By clipping on a toy or treat, your dog will instantly point their attention toward you!
  • Gone are the days where you have to pick the right angle and wait for the right moment to take the perfect shot.
  • This selfie stick also works to take portrait style photos with laser like precision.
  • The clip is rotatable to allow for portrait style or even landscape.
  • Simply attach your treat of choice, grab the attention of your pup, and take the cutest dog photos!
  • Our Selfie stick comes in two colors which are in white and black.

Below are examples of shots taken from our Instagram Page.

Maltese portrait in pink background

Yorkshire terrier

dalmatian on the beach