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Dread the prospect of giving your dog a bath? Well with the Woof Washer 360 it becomes easier than ever to wash, shampoo and rinse your pet. It’s a clever contraption that sprays a gentle 360o arc of water all over your dog to remove dirt and mud, using just your standard garden hose and your choice of shampoo.

Whether you’ve got a playful pug, a lively Labrador or a boisterous boxer, the Woof Washer can be used on both large and small dogs, then easily folded away when you’re done – all without leaving puddles of water on the bathroom floor!


Features and Benefits

Adjustable 360o head – The ring can be adjusted to fit large or small dogs, spraying 30 jets of water around them for a full body clean.

Refillable shampoo bottle – Simply fill the bottle with your choice of dog shampoo, attach it to the head then you can easily switch between clean water and shampoo.

Outdoor showering– Rather than trying to wrestle your dog into the bath, they’ll be happier and calmer being showered outdoors so the whole task becomes quicker and easier.

Foldable design – When you’re done, the arcs fold inwards for a space-saving way to store your Woof Washer.



  • 30 water jets
  • Connects to any standard garden hose
  • Includes refillable shampoo bottle
  • Adjustable, folding design
  • Max. diameter at 360o: 31.5cm
  • Diameter at 180o: 55cm

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