Non-Drip Paint Roller

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Color: Blue
Material: PP,Plastic, Steel
Brush material: Sponge +Flocking



  • No dipping, no dripping, no mess
  • Less cost as you use less paint
  • Less time climbing up and down a ladder
  • Less strain - no more bending over to roll in the paint tray
  • Cover a greater area faster and more evenly : perfect finish on any surface, rough or smooth
  • More convenient as you don't have to move your dipping tray all the time
  • Paint a wall in 5 minutes, an entire room in 20!
  • Self-contained and refillable roller
  • Washable (for water-based paint only) - for easy clean up
  • Flocked edger and corner pad  cutting in has never been cleaner or easier
  • Patented distribution system with seamless micro-fibre head - delivers an even coat that imitators cannot replicate
  • Paint Runner Pole adaptor L for ceilings and high walls you can extend your reach with a threaded pole, or use a standard broom handle if you don't have a threaded pole

Package included:

1 x Paint Runner Roller (600ml)
1 x Flocked Edger (250ml)
1 x Corner Pad
1 x Resting Tray
1 x Easy Pour Jug (Oil paint is not included)