Pellet Smoker Tube

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Smoker Tube is a lightweight, portable smoke generator that works on just about any grill or smoker.  Made of durable stainless steel in the unique, patented shape of a sturdy tube, it burns premium wood BBQ pellets to add unbeatable flavor during hot and cold smoking.

The 12" tube will produce strong, flavorful smoke for up to 4 hours on 3/4lb of pellets.  Duration depends on the pellets used, heat, draft, and turbulence inside the smoker or grill.  Need less smoke?  Just fill the tube half-full with pellets.  Need more smoke?  Light both ends (although, of course, you'll only get half the burn time) 


Using the  Smoker Tube is a Easy at 1 - 2 - 3 !

  1. FILL THE TUBE:  Hold the tube with the open end facing up and fill with wood pellets to 1" from the top



     With a propane torch on low, light pellets through the open end for 45 seconds.  Or, squeeze a liberal amount of gelled alcohol over the pellets just inside the open end and start the gelled alcohol with a lighter or match.  A small flame will appear on top of the pellets.  Allow this flame to burn for 10 minutes.  You can softly blow on the embers to make sure it's burning well, but do not rush this step!


  3. SMOKE!  After allowing your pellets to burn for 10 minutes and ensuring they are burning well, blow the flame out.  Lay the tub horizontally on the grates of your smoker or grill in an area that will have good ventilation.  Use caution when handling the unit, as the metal will be hot!

* Material: Stainless Steel

* Shape: Round

* Types: 6''/12''

* 6'' Dimensions:15.24*5.08cm/6*2 inch(approx)

* 12'' Dimensions:30.48*5.08cm/12*2 inch(approx)

* Color: Silver(as pictures show)