QuitTex™ ALL Natural Quit Smoking Patches ( Pack of 30 )

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QuitTex™ ALL Natural Quit Smoking Patches are a revolutionary new treatment which uses a blend of natural oils to reduce nicotine receptors in the brain, curbing cravings WITHOUT feeding the addiction. 

A smoker can smoke while using the patch, but they will notice that the cigarette isn't as enjoyable. Within 14 Days, as nicotine receptors decrease, they will lose their desire to smoke.

The Anti-Smoke Patch is an FDA-listed medical device which serves as a chemical-free substitute for smoking and unlike most stop smoking products - has absolutely no nicotine. 


  • Proven to reduce nicotine dependance in longterm smokers.
  • A cigarette contains more than 7,000 chemicals, most of which are poisonous. Smoking less will immediately benefit your central nervous and respiratory systems.

  • Simple and immediate results - Just paste the patch onto the wrist, arm or chest and allow the natural ingredients diffuse into your body. 
  • Smoking comes at a price to your health and bank account. Less money spent on cigarettes equals more money for the more important things in life. Quit today and become free from addiction. 
  • Powerful herbal blend includes; Natural tobacco extracts, Liquorice, Clove, Menthol, Citric acid, Hops.


1. Clean the application are
2. Remove the anti-adhesion back from the patch. 
3. Press the patch evenly onto the skins surface. 
4. Repeat twice daily, once after waking up, and once midday. 
5. Remove the patch before going to bed.


  • 30 pcs - QuitTex™ Natural Quit Smoking Patches